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Friday, December 9, 2011

tips nk masok syurga,,,?are you sure..?!?

hye korg..!when people talking about syurga,,,what will you think..? klau i kan..i akan pk "boleh ke ak ni,,?(tp dlam hati sape la xnk kan..?)

ok.. i take these tips from fatin liyana's blogs(*congratulation to her sbb dh jd famous skrg ni..=)*

Six easy ways to earn even after death 
  • Give a copy of quran to someone. Each time one reads from it, you gain.
  • Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, you gain.
  • Participate in building a masjid.
  • Place watercooler in a public place.
  • Plant a tree. You gain whenever a person or animal sits in its shade or eats from it.
  • And the easiest of all, share this message with people. Even 1 applies any of the above, you gain.

haaaaaa....easy right..?but all of this depends on ourselves la to do it or xsemestinye ni je la tips utk masuk syurga..there are so many ways more....

p/s:renung2 kan dan selamat beramal.. =)

tq sbb bace entry ni =)..sayang korg..

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