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Wednesday, January 4, 2012



huiiiittt..ak rse dh berkulat blog ak ni...dh lame x post something right..?errmmm....
ok, today i wanna talk about security when you online...most of my fren had been hacked by hackers(sape lg kan?).....
just to remind ya, make sure that u olls have a very ssah nk agak klau nk buat password buat nme pakwe la makwe la...ape case.??dh la u bgthu sume org your boyfren's, girlfren's name...then you make it as a passsword..??whatt.??ok, just an advice la utk korg...bukan ape...sometimes we does not realize that ad org yg iri hati ngan kite and do something that can affect us by hacked our, make sure your password is strong enough kayy..?
that's all...singgah kejap je nk sapu kulat kat blog ak ni..heeeeee...xD

tq sbb bace entry ni =)..sayang korg..

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