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Monday, December 5, 2011

1st day-sad momment

on my way to make this cousin suddenly fainted....dye bru je 8 years old...actually dye bru je kene suspect buah pinggang 1 minggu....lpas pengsan tu dye trus kene hospitalised and berada dalam zon tenat...i'm with him at that time and also first time utk i naik ambulans...up to this time dye still x stabil lg...hopefully he'll be okay..

this is him...his name is adam..lupe nk bg tau nme dye..he's very athletic...mase umur 6 thun dah wakil klntan main i kire hebat la matter what people wanna say about him,,we'll still love him.....<3

his condition mase dye sakit.....actually mase tgk dye can make me cry....
btw...cepat sembuh ye adam..!sgt sunyi rumah tanpa dye skrg ni sbb kitorg slalu main game same2....

tq sbb bace entry ni =)..sayang korg..

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